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Related post: Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 15:14:01 -0700 (PDT) From: Jason Subject: Rent Matthew - Part 12Matthew searches for a way out, but ends up in the wrong place. Jose's feelings for the kid kenmore 63263 microwave gets him to seek relief in other outlets. Rent Matthew -- Part 12 Frustrated with Professor Hubbard's infidelity and with his own foolishness, Matthew searched for self-destruction. The only person he had ever fell head-over-heels for had betrayed his trust.The 15y sex kid's confusion wore him down. Too many things were happening all at once in his life, all with disastrous consequences . So what choice did he have other than to drink his life away? If he had gone to just any bar, he would gotten thrown out. Too young to fit the bill, he needed a place that would 12yo asian bend the rules for him. A gay bar would certainly let him in. And it did.He was a fresh piece of meat, and the men in there looked pretten 14 nude at him like he was a meal. One man buys him a drink, then another, then another. The warm taste of liquor burned his throat, but he took it like a man. Though Matthew realized early on he had had several too many drinks, he arbitrarily waved it off as justification for his folly.And when he moved over to a corner table to sulk in silence, a middle-aged man followed suit. "Thanks for the drink. I forgot to thank you earlier. It was rude of me.""You're welcome. You want another?""Yeah, that would be great.""Here you go. My name's Roger by the way.""I'm Matthew," said the kid, as 18 porn thumbs he quickly took another gulp. "Tell me something, Roger. Would you ever be unfaithful to me?"Roger didn't know if Matthew was serious or not. All he knew was that he wanted the kid more than anything. Taking him by force would be fun, but taking him under the influence of alcohol wouldn't be bad either. "Matthew, if I had you in my life, I'd kiss your feet. No, I would never be unfaithful to you.""Thanks, dude. Listen, you want to kiss?" He liked the kid's straightforwardness more 0h daddy daddy jazz than he liked to look at Matthew. Actually, he lied. All Roger had been thinking about for the past 10 minutes, all he 98 trans am emblems had been amy nude set 3 staring at from head to toe, was the virile stud he wanted to take to bed. 13 yr girl porn The kid was really hot. "Sure, Matthew," answered Roger, as he gently wet the kid's lips with his. Sensual at first, he tried to slip his tongue into the equation as well. It worked. They made out for another 60 seconds before it got too intense for Matthew. And while they were tonguing each other, the whole room was paying attention, some more furtive than others, but all were aware of the prize Roger was claiming. For Matthew, it had become stifling and he got up."Where do you think you're going, kid?""To catch my breadth. Thanks for the drink, Roger." Matthew walked over to two guys at the bar who were staring at him. He asked for a cigarette and was immediately supplied with one, and they lit it for him. And before he knew it, before anyone else could guess, he was tonguing 90s female singers one of them while the other was groping him all over. Matthew passed his body around, like he was a bottle of whiskey, indulging the taste, creating hunger for youth.Some skinny dude who thought it was funny passed by and helped Matthew get out of his shirt. Matthew resisted at first, but was too occupied by the action he was receiving to do much about it. By the time his shirt came off completely, it had become stifling 3 months premature labor again. Matthew pushed himself off the guy he was kissing, and turned around to meet his perpetrator.As the skinny dude who had taken his shirt off walked away, Matthew got 12 yo xxx movies a bit disoriented from all the looks he got. He was sweating profusely, and the wetness helped emphasize his oily upper torso. He was a beauty to look at, and practically everyone in the bar had their eyes on him."You idiot!" yelled the two guys he was making out with. They were 14 incest pissed their brief session with the teenage ended prematurely because of the prank.But other spectators across the room were yelling something different. They were chanting for Matthew to take it all off. As far as they were concerned, this was a potential stripper, and all they wanted was to see him buck naked. The kid had no ounce of fat on him, and was really cut up.Matthew gave a cheeky smile. He wasn't upset. He knew all he was to them 1280 porn was a piece of meat. How different was that from how everyone else he cared about viewed him? Professor Hubbard wasn't any different. He walked over to the other side where the hoots and hollers was the loudest and confronted them. He looked at them, while they stared at his body, wondering what he'd be like in bed. Would he scream their names out if they fucked him good? Would he be willing to rent his body out?Meanwhile, his assailant had gone to the jukebox and had turned on some dance music. Instead of giving them a pieced of his mind, Matthew decided to give in. Maybe 15 and pregnant porn Jose was right. Who was he kidding, he was a whore. Matthew started to move his hips, no-nude fashion 14 yo moving to the beat with the sleek stealth of a Spanish dancer. His arms went up, the music rose, his body gyrated, and he was very convincing.The whole roomed listened and watched. sex incest 1 "Is he really a stripper? The kid's fucking hot! Look at those abs! Look at that face! How old do you think he is?" they all seemed to whisper, as others hooted and cheered Matthew on.And when the age 14 porn kid unbuttoned his jeans, all the men took out their wallets. Slowly, seductively, Matthew pulled his jeans off, releasing the tension that had built to that point. Dollar bills flashed, everyone wanted in. And as he moved their way, green slips magnetically attached themselves to the waistband of his boxer-briefs.Some tried to feel him, some wanted a kiss, and he was good for it. He let them feel him briefly before he slipped to the next. His hands moved across the surface of his body to the rhythm of the music and to the awe of his spectators. He even wore the right smile, the seductive look.His half naked body twisted and curve to the contours of the men standing, to the men sitting at the bar, to anyone who beckoned him with a bill. Like someone with talent, he was summoning the King Cobra trapped underneath the men's pants. Several songs into the dance, the music ended abruptly. Everyone clapped. The whole bar was in uproar at his performance.Men offered to buy him drinks. He collected his clothes and sipped another beer with his sex-crazed fans. Instead of putting his clothes back on like he should have, his gave in to their many requests for him to leave them off. This was a mistake as the men only got rowdier. Men walked up to the kid and tried to steal a kiss. Matthew stopped one of them and 11 yers old porn gave into the man's request. He made out like he was in love, and released the man to breath a bit.More men assembled, and he began to kiss 30 porn one after the other. No two were alike, for the next was determined to outdo his predecessor. They wanted more than a kiss, they expected to get a little feel as well. Often, ilegal age 10 sex in the middle of a kiss, the men nearby would grab the kid's body, touch his soft skin, his hard belly.And when the skinny dude that had taken his shirt returned, a silly look appeared on 15yo boy cum his face. He wanted a kiss. But instead of refusing, Matthew gave in. He kissed his perpetrator on the 155 amateur fighters lips. While his head was held firmly, the skinny dude moved his lips to Matthew's action 36 mature pics neck, sucking it a little. "No biting," cautioned Matthew, but it was too late. Some rough looking men held Matthew against the bar. He struggled, but he couldn't throw them off. The skinny dude smiled again, as he grabbed Matthew's balls and squeezed it hard."Fuck! Stop!" yelled Matthew, but it was too late. The men poured beer over Matthew's face, and as the kid tried to catch his breath, the men brought him over to the pool table in the other room. The skinny dude had put in additional coins into the jukebox and had cranked the volume incest 3-d sex comics up. The blazing sound of rock music came facial humiliation freemp3 videos on.Like ants moving to a piece of fruit, men went in for the kill. The opportunity to fill their every fantasies were upon them. Young, handsome, and fit, it was what the kid had to offer. They overpower Matthew and had their way with him, rough style. They picked him up, and slammed him on another remote pool table in the far corner of the room, and restrained him.They began to feel his muscular chest and legs. Struggling to no download free porn mp4 avail, the kid resisted, as the men felt his youthful body. His resistance only made them want 22hp riding lawnmower him more. Pitchers of ice cold beer were poured on his chest, as the men began to drink from him. One by one, they slobbered wet kisses all over his body, on his mouth, on his nipples, on his neck and thighs.Wishing they had him all to themselves, and realizing they would never have a kid as hot as Matthew, they took what they could. Hitting him to get his reaction, they tugged and pulled the rest of his wet clothes off. He was completely naked, his clothes torn, ripped. Relief was just a moment away. The kid's tight ass was for the taking. 3gp anime xxx Against his wishes, one man stuck his index finger in there, testing him out, getting him ready, one, two, three, four fingers. Matthew protested, but that only made them silence him by pounding him hard.Vulnerable and exposed, beaten, Matthew lay helpless. He no longer had the energy to scream. He was beginning to lose all consciousness. And then he heard one rib after another crack. One skull, one arm, a chair, a leg, a table, several fingers. Colored balls being hurtled across the room. And that's when he passed out. * * * * * When he woke up, he was in bed. Jose was breathing beside him. "I'm sorry 44dd breasts pictures Matt. I should have come sooner.""You saved my life.""I freaking let it happen to you, Matt.""What are you talking about?""I followed you, I was jealous. I saw you make out with them, one after the other. I was hurt, I saw them getting rough with you and I was freaking glad," cried Jose. "I wanted you to feel how I felt, so I left you there. And when I decided to come back, it was too late. They had done things to you. I'm so sorry, Matt. I can't tell 15yo pussy pics you how sorry I am." Jose was a wreck. Worse than harming Matthew himself, he had allowed others to hurt his friend. As he recovered from his shame, he glanced at the kid, only to find a reassuringly blank look. "It's OK. I'm alright.""You've been unconscious for some time. They hurt you, Matt. I saw red. I wanted to kill them.""You didn't... you didn't, did you?""No, but I wish I had. They were freaking animals!""How did you... there were so many guys.""I had some help. My uncle, he was worried about my erratic behavior lately. He 14 yo naturists followed me. Thank god for him. 14 girls pcis sex Don't worry, he promised not to tell anyone where he found you.""Please thank him for me, Jose.""You bet. The stupid owner came out with a 4x half slip shot gun. He demanded payment for all the damage we had done. That was until 2010 lingerie bowl my uncle 57th assault helicopter company spoke up and informed him you were under 21. The whole crowd backed off and let us bring you home.""Is your uncle alright?" asked Matthew, before he noticed Jose's arm was wrapped in bandages. "My god, Jose! You're hurt!""My uncle's a tough nut. He left without a scratch. As for me, I'm OK. Only a few scratches.""I'm glad you came back for me Jose. You saved my life." Matthew reached for Jose and got his friend to hold him. Scared at how close he was to being gang raped by a bunch of men, he felt like a fool. Nevertheless, he was thankful that Jose and his uncle arrived to rescue him in time. It was too close of a call. * * * * * It was a foolish move. It had almost cost him his life. It had almost cost Jose's and Jose's uncle's lives as well. Matthew felt like trash. He was losing control of his life over another person. He should have never loved anyone. He should have never put his professor up as high on the pedestal as he had done. And there was only one way out of it.Professor Hubbard was in his office, researching his next paper, when he heard 16 yr old pussy the kid enter and close the door behind him. He looked up, and a startled expression crossed his demeanor. It was a surprise visit. "You're such a hottie, you know. Tall, blonde, and well-built. Except you're not dumb.""What are you talking about Matthew. What do you have against blondes?""Nothing. My best friend's a natural blonde. Blonde and dumb.""So you do have something against dummies?""No, I'm dumb myself, remember? I had to lose my innocence and give my professor a blow job for a passing mark in math.""Whatever. You earned your grade. n99d hijabi sex But I do have to admit, you did give great head!""Which is the reason why I came here," replied Matthew, as he pulled his shirt over his head. He had been in the same position before more than once."You don't have to do this.""I do and I want to. I want to show you I don't care about your infidelity. I don't care anymore about who you sleep with. I just want to be with you.""I'm sorry about the other day Matthew. She didn't mean anything. She was an old 60s nudity fling. She was very persistent.""It's OK. I understand.""Matthew, what we have between us, I just don't want you to misunderstand," continued Professor Hubbard. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not gay." Matthew seemed quiet for a moment. He thought carefully about what his professor had 14yr old porn pics said, and he asked himself the same question, was he gay? Maybe it was pointless, maybe he just wanted to have fun, to play 14yr old nude with the same sex. And maybe, it didn't really matter. He just wanted to do what felt right.And as he thought about what it all meant, his professor looked him over. The athletic build, the broad chest, the hot, slim torso, it was all male, and Professor Hubbard felt strangely attracted to it. All his life, he had got his pleasure from women, and now he found he could get it from Matthew as well. "So you're saying you don't want to see me anymore?""No, don't take it like that.""Tom, I don't care. I'm not asking for a relationship. I don't want you to feel pressured or anything.""I don't want you to get hurt, Matthew. I don't want you to make me into someone I'm not. I like having fun with you, but I live a normal life.""Look, I know you could have any girl you want. Heck, you could have any guy you want. I'm not worried about that. I just want you to know that I'll be here for you, whenever you need me. 12 niple I'm not asking for anything in return.""OK.""I want you to know that I'm yours. Just tell me what you want and I'll give it to you. Ask me, Tom."Professor Hubbard hesitated, miss nude 1982 before he spoke. And when he did finally, he was sure about what he wanted. "I want you to blow me.""Will you give me a grade loitas 15 gallery for this?" teased Matthew. His mischievous smile mp4 sex returned. It was like old times again. His love was a one-way street, sex was a one-way street. But he didn't care. Nothing could hurt him now."Yeah, sure." Matthew sucked his professor off like it was what he was born to do. And in many ways, it looked like it. There was nothing he wanted to do more than serve the one he loved. It was the true meaning of being in love. Love was a verb, not a description, and he loved Professor Hubbard. * * * * * As the two were recovering from an orgasmic experience, Matthew's spirits were a lot lighter than in the past few months. He was truly 90 escorts happy, and Jose had proved more and more incredible in bed.Matthew looked over at his friend. Jose was rubbing his chest, but what caught his eyes was the size of the thick shaft. "Does that thing of yours ever rest?" exclaimed Matthew."Not when it's around you, Matt. It was destined to provide you with incredible pleasure.""So I am its destiny?""Exactly," replied Jose, rather matter-of-factly."You're so full of shit!" But that comment only got the kid another long and thorough fuck. "I love... being fucked... by you, Jose," said Matthew, as Jose slipped his cock into him."I love... fucking you, Matt. You... you have... a real... tight ass.""Anything else... you love?""You're beautiful... face," answered Jose, who was busy pounding the kid."Anything... else?" continued Matthew, as he tried to squeeze the shaft in him."The way you grin... when I hit... the right spot?" said Jose, as he winced with great pain and pleasure. It was fucking difficult to talk when he was busy 36 a tits size penetrating the kid, but he wanted to go along to please his friend."Anything... else?" persisted Matthew."The way... you moan... when you're almost there... and you're about to... to cum," let out Jose, who was 13yo nudes close. Very close."Anything... else?" moaned Matthew, who was also near himself."Your lips, I... love... kissing... them," replied Jose, who instinctively bit the lower lip to shut it up. The two exchanged spit in the final moments of another well-deserved climax. Like catapults, they exploded onto each other, sending signals only they understood. They rest for a few minutes, catching their breaths. This was going too far. At this rate, they were not going to make it out the door to go to work. They were supposed to help out on the farm. And then 18 inch doll underwear they realized it was Sunday and everyone else was in church. They had another hour to go before they had to haul their lazy asses out.Matthew got up. He pulled on a robe and got into the kitchen to get a beer. He nabbed Jose one as well. Returning, he passed Jose a cold drink.Jose had been playing with himself again. He wasn't completely hard, and he wasn't exactly jacking off, only feeling it up a bit, moving the foreskin over the head and back. Matthew's mischievous mind compelled him to grab a hold of Jose's dick. It was hot and his hands were really cold. "Matt, what are you doing. You're hands are cold!""Yeah, I know, I'm warming it up on your dick." Matt held his face against Jose's dick. "You're dick is really hot, you know that?""Stop teasing me. If you like the warmth you have my permission to put it in your mouth.""No.""Please, Matt," begged Jose in his most innocent voice."How much?" demanded Matthew."Boy, you really are a 16 yr fuck girl whore. Always thinking about money.""A dollar is my final offer.""OK," grunted Jose. And before he knew 18 latina pics it, the kid was giving him great head. Jose continued to sip his beer, while the kid sucked underground forbidden 12yo porn him off. It was the best! "Life was meant to be like 10 cocks this," thought Jose to himself. He was so happy. Moments later, he asked his friend to spread his legs. "Again? That's the third time this morning. Are you sure bisexual 3gp you can handle me?""No, but I'll continue to try until you tell me not to. Your body is all I want. If you let me fuck you, I'll do it as long as you want. And once you want to stop, I'll stop." While Jose fucked Matthew hard, they looked into each other's eyes again. It was a non-verbal way of communicating. Look at the other's expression, find meaning in the other. Smile, moan, even laugh, but stay serious to the intensity of the experience. Fuck, non-stop, like it was the end of the world. "Alex says... he's in love... with me. barrier strip 33486 I'm not sure... what to do," said Matthew, as he winced in response to the pain his fuck buddy was giving him."How... do you feel... about him?" asked Jose, as he pumped the kid."I don't know. He's... my best friend.""Just like... I'm your friend""Yeah, but 18 nude girls vieos it's... different.""How... so?""I don't... know.""Because I'm fucking you... and he hasn't. Maybe... with him... it's the other way around. You want to petite fuck 2 fuck him... but are afraid of asking," said Jose. He was wildly thrusting into kid at a rate that far exceeded any standards. Matthew went silent. There was a reason why he looked up to Jose. 1 peep hole The guy always seemed to know the answer. The two continued to fuck until they reached another climax. * * * * * Deep down, Jose was jealous. He loved the kid more than he loved any of his previous partners. And not only was Matthew in love with his professor, but another guy was moving in on his boy.Alex arrived to help with the harvesting. Harvesting season had finally come, and Matthew needed all the help he could get. But half way through, Matthew left the two for some urgent business out of town.It wasn't so apparent at first, but Jose caught on. Jose caught Alex looking at him. The furtive glances were only noticed because Jose was studying his rival. In all respect, Alex was a decent 18 and under porn kid. He looked up to Matthew, and did whatever Matthew told him to do. And Matthew never took advantage of this. That was why their relationship worked out.Jose took the tail end of his shirt to wipe his brow. In the process, exposing his cut abs. He turned his head and noticed Alex checking him out. Not new to reading other guys, 3-d incest art Jose pulled his shirt off to confirm his theory. He was right on the money, and there was no mistaking. Alex wanted his body. "Thanks for helping, Alex. You're a good friend to Matt.""Just trying to help," said Alex, before he bit his lips. It was cute, the way he bit his lips. But it had more to do because Alex was intimidated by Jose's impressive body."He talks about you, you know?""Really, what does he say?""That you're a very loyal friend. That you're great in bed.""What?" Paying too much attention to the way Jose moved his lips, Alex wasn't sure he heard him correctly."I'm just playing with you man. So you're not giving him head?""No," grunted Alex. He wasn't sure if Jose was playing with him or being serious."But you wish you were."Alex wavered before he answered, "How did you know?""Because I see it in your eyes when you look at him. It's OK, me too. I have a thing for him. Who doesn't actually? But he's in love with someone else.""Really?""Yeah. We don't have a chance. Well, maybe you do. You're a lot cuter.""That's no true.""Trust me Alex, you have a great body." Alex blushed. Not that he wasn't used to receiving compliments from other men. He knew he was good looking, or at least all the girls he dated said so. But receiving approving looks from someone as hot as Jose was an entirely different story. He wondered if Jose was playing with him, or if Jose even found him attractive. The Latin stud had an incredible tan, and was, ripped. "You're not so bad yourself.""You think I'm hot, Alex?" asked Jose, as hit dark eyebrows lit up. "Are you saying you're interested?"In attempting to say it, he faltered. But he finally admitted it, because it was the truth. "Yeah." Alex had not had sex in a while. He was dying to get his rocks off. He had a beautiful body, one that others found incredibly desirable, one that was a sin not to share and make others happy. It had, indeed, been 9 inch dicks a long time. Yet there was so much pain in the past that reminded him of the consequences. But before he could think, Jose invited him to let his biological desires dictate his decision. "Come with me, kid." Jose took Alex into the barn. He closed 80 trans am carpet the door and turned to meet the frightened kid. Upon closer inspect, the kid was a real hottie. Blonde, blue eyes, and what a face! "What a body, too," thought Jose.Jose lead Alex up the stairs to the second floor. He grabbed a nearby blanket and took it with him behind a stack of hay, where he unfurled the sheet on the ground.It was all going too 18 nude teeen pics fast. He was used to having sex with strangers, but this was different. To Alex, this was not another one-night stand. He maybe wanted something more. Maybe he wasn't good enough for a relationship, but there were other possibilities.Jose underground 70s proceeded to take his shoes, socks, and pants off. Alex was floored. He stood still, mesmerized by the strip show in front of him. Jose had an incredible body, full in every way. Matthew had informed mature 5 ten him Jose was 21 years old, but the guy's bulge looked too big to come from someone so young. 54 pitch rubber tracks Alex had had a lot of experience with sex. He had a few big ones himself, and he could tell that Jose was immense. "Are you going to take off your Size 12 thong clothes, or did you change your mind?" Alex smiled meekly, and started to pull his clothes off. This was a great catch, he thought, and he wanted to be careful not to spoil it. milf mp4 porn He wondered if Jose found him desirable too. Fortunately, his question was answered almost immediately. "You have a great body, Alex," commented Jose, as he watched Alex undress. The kid was gorgeous. girls on beach board3 Alex was the typical American golden boy. Jose could fall for this kind of look. Like Matthew, Alex's body was also very toned. The kid must be very active as well, concluded Jose. "Stop, leave your socks on." Alex listened to Jose. He was incredibly attracted to the Latin man, and he wanted to do everything correctly. He didn't want to mess up his chance. When Jose approached him, Alex was fumbling with the front of his pants.Jose took Alex's hands out of the way, before he moved his head into a soft kiss. The two kissed tentatively, as if trying out a new taste. But their emotions got them to try harder, to insist on more. For Alex, it was electrifying. Jose was an artful kisser, using his tongue to trace Alex's teeth. He swept Alex off his feet.Jose grabbed Alex below his waist, and pulled him closer to him. Their upper bodies scorched the other. Holding his hips against the kid, Jose moved his cock against Alex, undulating his hips, making the kid moan. As Alex dueled with Jose's tongue, he let his hands roam across Jose's chest, face and body. Jose was really hot. "Jose, please stop.""Alex, I thought..." Jose had gotten too excited. He was disappointed the kid was going to call it off so soon."I do, you fool," reassured Alex. "I don't want to cum too soon. Your cock, it was stimulating me 11yo nudist too much.""Oh, right," replied Jose, as a smile broke through this face again. This was going to be a gallery nonude 12y-o really good fuck, he was certain of it. Jose continued to mouth his new friend. He wanted to please Alex, as much as he wanted to get off. Alex was Matthew's best friend. Matthew might hate him for this, but he had to try the kid out. It was too good an opportunity. Besides, the kid wanted 3 4 strip metal him as well.Bringing his mouth further down, Jose 5 minate gay porn kissed his way down the neck, to the chest, and stopped there to suck on the nipples. Alex encouraged him on, crying out his name, begging him to continue. Jose's hands led the way, he felt the kid's stomach, and then led his mouth there. Dropping to his knees, he felt the kid's groin. PORNO SEX DOG TUB4 Fumbling with the zipper and pulling the pants off, he felt the kid's hard on. And then his lips caught up.Jose's mouth went all over the kid, except the shaft. He purposely avoided his target to get more reaction from Alex. emerica skelter jeans 32x30 He wanted the kid to want him, to beg him to suck him. So while his hand slowly rubbed back and forth over the kid's hardness, his lips 14yo in underwear explored everything else. But the kid never spoke, only gasped and moaned in appreciation. Finally, Alex spoke up, "You're killing me, Jose." Giving in, Jose brought his mouth over the outline of the kid's shaft, applied the right amount of pressure, and started to move up and down the walls. He was giving head to Alex, even though it was still encased in the cotton material. His saliva brought cool wetness to the cloth and stained it in the process. "Stop, please. I'm gonna cum if you don't," pleaded Alex. Looking up at the hot nude 15yo girls terror in the kid's expression, Jose could only smile. He loved the kid already. Alex smiled back, as Jose got up to make out with him again. "I wanna give you head, girls 12yo. nude Alex.""Alright." Alex couldn't believe his ears. There wasn't anything he wanted more 16yo galleries at the moment. 13 yo porn xxx Maybe a good fuck, but this would definitely do. Jose laughed at Alex's macho stance. He guided the kid to the ground, and collected their clothes for Alex to rest his head on. Jose kissed the kid full on the lips again, then moved back to his target. He slipped the thin material off 940 free nude celebs Alex and in the process exposed a beautiful size cock. At that very moment, he wanted it more than anything.Licking the shaft, Jose felt Alex squirm. The kid was doing his best to avoid orgasm, but Jose was too good. Realizing Alex may not last any longer, Jose took him down in one swoop. He bobbed his head with incredible speed and intensity, twisting the angle of his downward move so that it produced a smoother, more pleasurable experience for the kid. And then he pulled his mouth completely off, as the kid erupted.Mouthing and licking Alex's balls, he took pleasure in watching the kid climax and squirt his sperm all over his body. Alex cried out in joy. It was a muffled cry, as he did not want the world outside the barn to know, but it was, nevertheless, a cry.A dazed and blissful look spread across ass cleavage 4dvd the kid's face. He was happy, and so was Jose. Jose took his tongue and dragged it over the cum on the kid's chest, and brought it to Alex's mouth. Alex sucked on his tongue sex 12 yo while Jose's hands rubbed the kid's chest, smearing the cum all over his chest. Their lips locked and everything else is magic. "I want to fuck you Alex," declared Jose, "If you'd let me." Those words were music to his ears. His desire to be pounded by Jose was immense. Alex looked up at Jose and nodded.Jose unwrapped a condom and prepared Alex for the deed. If Alex had been fucked many times before, this was different. When Jose brought his cock out and Alex took one look, it pleased him immensely. There was a devilish look in both their faces, as both thought ar-180b brass deflector they wanted it more than the other. Jose spent a few minutes touching and stimulating the kid from underneath. He rimmed the kid a few times, until Alex protested 13yo fucked hard that he might cum again. Jose brought himself on top of the kid, an arm on either side. "Alex, squeeze my arm if it hurts. I'll try to be as gentle as possible." The kid nodded, and then it began. Like bleach episode 36 glass on water, Jose merged his body with Alex, and the two twirled into outer space. It was strong, it was intense, it was fucking unbelievable! The kid screamed his name over and over. For Alex, what was happening between him and Jose seemed impossible, for it was all too good. "Jose, please. Harder! Fuck me harder!" was all Alex could scream, as he was taken to a place he'd never been before, where happiness was just a moment's distance away. Two incredibly gorgeous kids, fucking their brains out in a barn, on the second floor, behind a hay 14yr sexy girl pic stack. Nothing could be more unreal than that. Yet it was real. And when the two reached the point of no girls 13-16 nude pics return at the same time, it became explosive.Jose quickly pulled out, ripped the condom off, and came onto Alex's chest, spraying his semen all over the kid. One shot hit the kid's right ****** 10mg levitra nipple, the other hit his neck, and another hit Alex's lips. And when there was no more left in him, Jose bent down to help Alex lick his cum off the kid's face. The two breathless studs kissed and made out after their legal 14 yo naked orgasm had subsided. "I'm sorry if I was too rough, Alex. I couldn't control myself.""Are you kidding me? That was fantastic. I loved it.""More than you love Matt?" teased Jose."No, not more, but petites nude 13-17 different. Matt 1921 babe ruth cards is my best friend. And you, Jose, you are freaking awesome!""Thanks, Alex. I think I just heard Matt's car return. We better get dressed. That was a really good fuck. Maybe we can do it again sometime?""You bet." Alex and Jose left the barn feeling rather happy. It was a beautiful day, and they were young. And now that Matthew had returned, they had a lot of work ahead of them. * * * * * Later that night, Matthew dropped by his teacher's house. Professor Hubbard had asked him to swing by, and he had no choice. It was 2 naked butts touching his destiny to obey his love. It was also another great excuse to have sex with his man.When Professor Hubbard opened giantess growth g4 the door to let him in, there was no need for conversation. It was mutually understood that this a1 asian was a booty call. And each 2 flash porn games wanted it.Professor Hubbard started to feel the kid's strong arms and chest. He then unbuttoned Matthew's oversized cargo pants. Gazing at Matthew's angelic face, his teacher saw, for the first time, a disinterested, arrogant, kid who probably had too much sex for his own good and not enough rejection. Nevertheless, 13yo boy gallery that rugged, jock look and feel only made the kid more appealing.He felt the kid's body. It felt hot, and he, the professor, was in the process of taking his student's pants off. Fumbling a bit, he found the zipper, pulled the belt completely off. This allowed the trousers to drop to the floor. Clutching the kid's groin, he felt the 30 dick size beneath the fabric and decided the kid's breath on his face was not enough. He wanted a kiss. Moving in for one, he got what he wanted.He stripped the kid completely, and led Matthew to his bedroom. Pushing the kid on his bed, he saw what he wanted, a horny kid who wanted him to thrust his cock up his ass. Rolling on a condom, he moved to place himself between those amazing legs, the ones that will wrap around his waist in a moment while he fucked the kid senseless.Then he was in, and he proceeded to thrust and reposition himself over and over. Hard, fast, it was an incredible fuck. And when they were done, 14 y.o porn the two were completely out of breath. Professor Hubbard was the first to speak, and what came out was most unexpected. "I have feelings for you Matthew.""What do you feel?""I feel I want to be around you. I feel I want you in my life. I want to be able to fuck you anytime I want.""So you're asking me to stay the night?" They make love for the first time that night. His professor had admitted his feelings. It free smurfs ost mp3 was finally more than just sex. It had become an obsession. And although prematurely said, to Matthew, it was love. Matthew didn't cum that night, but he had finally got what he wanted. A relationship. * * * * * To Be Continued...
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